‘Variable Speed’ means the change of the speed of a driven machine in running condition. The variable Fill Scoop Fluid Coupling is therefore located between a constant speed motor and driven machine.

Wiperdrive make ESC series of Variable Fill Scoop Fluid Coupling provides step less speed variations when connected to a constant speed electric motor. The variation in speed is obtained by change of quantity of oil in the main circuit through scoop tube movement, sliding in & out.

The available speed regulation range depends on the type of load

Mainly the ranges available are Centrifugal Loads 4:1, Constant Torque Loads 2:1, and Rising Torque Loads 1, 5:1 etc. These ranges can be further extended provided operation is possible in the specified regulation range.

By the use of Wiperdrive – ESC coupling customer has benefit of energy saving/cost saving.

Increased service life of motor & driven machine.


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I/D, F/D & P/H Fans

Compressors & Pumps



Bail Mills etc.







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