Design based on Modular gear concept.

Monoblock housing for sixes upto 31 and split housing for sizes 35 to 67.Mounting position – Horizontal, Vertical or Inverted.Common housing for Helical as well as Spiral cum Helical Gear units.Case handened and ground gears with profile correction for optimum load carrying capacity.Splash lubricated gear and bearings are standard. Forced lubrication by built-on or motor driven pump is optional.Additional cooling devices like fan cooling, cooling coil, and external oil cooler etc. Depending upon service conditions.

Output shaft execution with the following options:

  • Solid shaft
  • Hollow shaft with key
  • Hollow shaft with shrink disc
  • Output torque capacity “ 4,80,000 Nm maximum
  • Ratio range : 1.25 – 710
  • Input speed : 1,500 RPM (max.)



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