Lazy Roller Platfrom /Rack

General Specification
01)length Χ Breadth(palletrack)

3495mm X 2600mm

02)length Χ Breadth(container rack)

1580mm X 1575mm

03)Maximum height of roller

510 mm

04)For ULD (Pallet)size

size125” X 96”


125” X 88’


108”X 96”


108” X 88”

5) For ULD(container )size

5) For ULD(container )size


60.4”X 47”





1)Frame :Made of standerd rolled steel section.

2) Rollers :Galvanised rollers, outer dia.60.3 mm running on std.ball bearings.

3)Roller platforms are also manufactured in modular construction –Three individual modules are coupled to accommodate one palletand two are coupled to accommodate one container.

4)Light duty platform for storing empty (unloaded)ULD are available with rollers spaced at a wider pitch.


Lazy Roller platforms /racks are also manufactured as per the clients specification .



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