End less belt without spice joint (Jointless Belts) These belts are manufactured directly in ‘Sleeve’ from as per customer’s requirement. The attractive and distinguishing feature is that, it has no transversal or longitudinal joints.

“Jointless” belts have been highly acclaimed especially when they are used as feed belts on the system such as conveying, gauging, die-cutting, dosing and weighing, squaring, stretching bag filling, packing. Etc.

Jointless belts have been several times more life than the belts vulcanized with splice joint.



  • Maximum Uniformity of thickness and strength all over the surface.
  • It can be driven over narrow Pulley diameter (Even lower than 100mm)
  • It can also run on higher speed (As high as 25M/Sec.)
  • Option for minimum elongation (up to 1.0%) at ref. Load.
  • These belts are ideally suitable for weigh feeder, wagon feeder, telescope conveyor, bad diverter, truck loader etc.
  • Belt can be manufactured in all specified graders meeting customer’s requirement.
  • Top cover can also be designed and embossed in various shapes as required by the customer to convey specific material in the system.
  • The length of these types of belts is available upto 24mtrs. With tolerance of + 1%



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