General Specification

Material :Mild steel,3 mm thk.

Capacity:1500 liters

02)Fuel Pump

Centrifugal pump with built in relief valve

03)Hand Pump

Stand by Rotary manually operated pump.

Capacity :15 Its/min.


Braided hose Dia 1” X 20” long.


Automatic Dispensing Nozzle ,1” Dia.

06)Prime Mover

P.T.O of Vehicle /Independent motor.




1)Sealed Manhole is provided with :

  • Fuel filter b. Pressure Vacuum Valve.
  • Emergency vent . d. Dip Stick.


2)Emergency shut off valve with fusible link fitted at the bottom of the tank.

3)A strainer provided in the pump inlet line is also used to drain the tank.

4)Metering unit with Electronic Display Unit to monitor the flow of fuel.

5)LED display in electronic display unit to facilitate reading in poor light.

6)Aluminium anti-skid steps and catwalk.

GAP Fuel services units are employed for refueling only the Ground support equipment on the airport tarmac.


The unit can be mounted on a standard truck chassis or supplied as a towable unit. Fuel service unit are also manufactured as per the client’s specification & design.




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