Baggage/Cargo Cart

General Specification
  10 foot Cart

7 foot Cart

01)length Χ Breadth 2950 mm Χ 1440mm

2130mm Χ 1220 mm

02) Max.Height 1895 mm(Closed Cart)

1725 mm (Closed Cart)

03)Maximum running speed

1220mm (Open Cart)

1220mm (Open Cart)

04)Load Capacity

2 tonnes

1.5 tonnes

05)No.of Tyres


4 4




1) Bottom frame: Made of Std.Rolled Steel Section.

2)Body: Made of Standard Rolled Steel Section Covered By M.S. Sheet.

3)Front Panel: Provided with Lockable Tarpaulin curtain with chain links.

4)Tyres:Cushion Rubber Tyres fitted in front steerable axle & Rear rigid axle.

5)Steering :Fifth Wheel style with Front Steerable axle operated by tow bar.

6)Front Tow Assembly.

7)Rear spring loaded Printle hook.

8) Rubber shock mounts.


Baggage Cars are also manufactured as per the clients specifications.




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