AI-NU Series the New Aluminum Alloy Housing Worm Gear Reducers from Wiperdrive.

Al-Nu single reduction worm gear units are manufactured in different sizes and ratios in adoptable type to meet the requirement of almost every industry. Due to robust construction, increased efficiency, flexibility, inter-changeability, compactness, dependability and reliability. These units are suitable for server operating conditions by means of right selection.

The Worm gear reducers with cast iron housing were in existence for almost half a century. The recent trend is to use aluminum alloy housing in small worm gear reducers.

Wiperdrive aluminum housings are aesthetically very attractive and the housing construction is such that it gets rigidity and strength, whereby they have an edge over the cast iron housing. The aluminum alloy design. Al-Nu has no oil vent, which allows the gear reducer to be mounted in any position on equipment without concern for vent leaks. The gearbox is supplied with factory – filled Synthetic Lubricant which avoids frequent oil change. In addition, the housing has a heat sink design, which is said to provide greater surface area for higher thermal capacity.

The worm gear reducers come in sizes as 63,80 and 100 mm, center distance. Ratios from 5:1 to 70:1 are available.


  • No vent plugs or breathers are required (makes the gear reducer maintenance-free and prevents risk of oil oxidation and contamination).
  • Compression chambers, or bladders, are not needed (prevents leaks, contributes to flexibility in mounting and prevents risk of oil oxidation and contamination.).
  • Worm shaft is case carburized and hardened for increased durability.
  • Both input and Output shafts are Hollow reducing need of couplings and making drive compact.
  • Wherever, needed to convert in solid shafts (output) shaft ends are provided.


  • Light Weight
  • Rigidity
  • No Oil Leakage
  • No Shims
  • Ease of assembly / disassembly
  • 6 mounting positions possible without need of an accessories
  • Hollow input shaft with motor flange and hollow output shaft as standard.
  • No cast iron centers used in worm wheels.


Model & Type









63,80,100 mm center distance


Min.5: 1 to Max. 70 : 1


Confirms to B.S. 721/1963 for Worm gearing





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